As a veteran teacher, I have had the pleasure to be in the classroom for about a decade. During this time I experienced the ups and downs of each school year and discovered the pure joy of mathematics.

Like any proud mathematician, I want to display my fondness for all things math and wear cool math gear. However, looking around online I soon discovered two things: ⓵ there's not many stylish math clothes out there, and ⓶ all the math apparel seems to just put equations and numbers together that look 'mathy', even if they are nonsensical. Thus, the idea for Unique Primes was born with the creation of our inaugural product, super cool mathematically accurate leggings!

Each pair of Unique Primes leggings is based around one math topic and covers the mathematical expressions, diagrams, and rules that relate. Therefore, each item is essentially a formula chart one could use to study while you are walking around looking fantastic. Cool, right?

My husband and I have worked extremely hard to get Unique Primes up and running and we are so very excited to present these products to you. New product designs are in the works everyday, so check back weekly to see our new inventory. Also, please feel free to reach out to us with any comments or questions...we are here for you and to spread a love of mathematics across the globe.